Family Dentist Near Me

By February 1, 2017Cosmetic Dentistry

Family Dentist Near Me

The key to a great dental experience is a great family dentist near me. General dentists are not so general anymore. They have more experience than the average person would think and are able to do a wide range of dental procedures without having to send you to a specialist.

Implants can easily be done in a general dentist office and the procedure takes forty minutes or less. Implants are non-invasive and pain is virtually non-existent. Once the implant is placed, the patient will generally wait between two and five months for the final crown to be placed on top of the implant. Once the crown is placed, there will never be any other work that needs to be completed on the tooth.

Extractions are also done at a general dentist office. Most patients are in and out within twenty to forty minutes, depending on the level of difficulty. If the extraction looks too complicated from the x-ray, the dentist might refer the patient to an Oral Surgeon to complete the extraction.

Root canals can also be done in a general dentist office depending on the level of difficulty based on the x-ray taken of the tooth. The great part about having a root canal done at a general dentist office is the dentist can complete the root canal the same day and also prepare the tooth for a crown. Every time a root canal is completed, the tooth becomes brittle and needs a crown to sustain the tooth’s function. Having a root canal in a dentist office can save the need for the patient to go to another appointment.

General dentists are the first point of contact for the patient for preventative care as well as emergency care and are your greatest resource for an accurate diagnosis. A general dentist can quickly and efficiently prevent and cure any tooth related problem. Contact Heritage Dental Associates today to schedule your appointment.