Insurance is a very confusing subject for the patient to understand.  We at Heritage Dental Associates accept most Insurance.  There are many different plans out there I am going to try to explain what some of the dental terms mean.

Co-pay:  If you are on a co-pay plan that means you have a certain amount that your insurance requires you to pay and then they pay the remaining amount.  Its a cut and dry process and it makes it easy for you to understand how much you will owe the dentist at Heritage Dental.

Percentage Plan:  These are the most common of the dental plans.  Your employer sets up with the insurance company how much they want the insurance to pay.  The pay out is usually 100-80-50.  That means your cleanings, exams, and x-rays are covered at 100% with no out of pocket to you.  Fillings, Root canals, extractions, are all usually covered at the 80-20 rule. That is when you pay 20% the insurance will pay 80%.  On fillings most of the time the insurance will have a downgrade rule that means they will pay the 80% on silver fillings for back teeth and you pay the 20% plus the difference between the white and silver filling cost.  We at Heritage Dental Associates work real hard in finding out your insurance allowable and explain them to you so you understand how your insurance works.

PPO Plan:  This is a plan where you can pick your provider that participates in the insurance companies network.  Heritage Dental participates in many PPO networks which means we accept their fee as our fee and discount our fee to match what they allow.  This can sometimes give you up to a 50% discount just for coming to Heritage Dental because we are on your insurance list.

DMO Plan:  When you sign up for this plan you have to pick a provider and tell your insurance company who you will be seeing for them to pay the bill.  There are not alot of Dentists in Utah that are providers with DMO plans because they don’t pay the dentist very well.  We at Heritage Dental have figured out how to make the DMO plans work for us and participate with the Cigna and Aetna DMO Plans.

Come visit us today at Heritage Dental for your dental needs and find out how easy we can make your experience because we strive to help you understand your benefits.

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